HTV Solid Silicone Rubber

High quality of HTV solid silicone rubber raw material from China.

HTV (High-Temperature Vulcanizing) is also known as HCR (Heat Cured Silicone Rubber). You can mold these materials into various shapes and products (hoses, rubber strips, rubber rollers, and rubber cloth). Still, the biocompatibility of silicone rubber is a critical key feature of rubber replacement.

Depending on different properties, you can divide it into lots of varieties: general-purpose, high-tear strength, high and low-temperature resistance, low compression set, electrical wire and cable, solvent and oil resistance, flame retardancy, electrical conductivity, and steam resistance etc.

Know more about HTV silicone

1. Types of GX Silicone Rubber

GX provide below two types of silicone rubber:

1. Precipitated Silicone Rubber

Opaque or translucent, the tensile strength is 4-6.9Mpa, and the elongation is 150-300%.
It cannot be extended very long due to the average tensile performance. Mostly used in industrial silicone products.

qualified Fumed-Silicone-Rubber

2. Fumed Silicone Rubber

Highly transparent, tensile strength is 7.8-10.0Mpa, elongation is 500-1000%, tear strength is 29.4-49KN/m.
The production is silicon dioxide obtained by burning silicon tetra-chloride and air, with a fineness of more than 1000 mesh, which is mostly used for food grade, medical grade and other silicone tubes with special requirements.

2. General properties of GX silicone rubber

GX Silicone rubber compounds have characteristics of both inorganic and organic materials, and offer a number of advantages not found in other organic rubbers.

high quality solid silicone gel

3. Fine Application of GX Silicone Rubber

GS silicon rubber have been used in nearly every industry to improve and quality and functionality of products including:

Food grade:

kitchen wares, nipples, milking machines

Consumer electronics:

Hot air brushes, defrosters

Electrical wiring

Lead wires, heater wires, ignitions wires


O-rings, spark plug boots, waterproof connectors


Swimming goggles, goggle bands, snorkels, mouthpieces

Office automation equipment

Keypads, EMI gaskets, printer platen rollers

4. Lab testing of GX Silicone Rubber

GX has a complete range of equipment and know-how for testing silicone rubber compounds. With our silicone rubber testing centers, we ensure to meet quality assurance to your specifications. We are fully capable of conducting the following tests and measures:

  • Hardness
  • Resilience performance
  • Vulcanization performance
  • Temperature tolerance
  • Plasticity performance
  • Compression set
  • Tensile and tear strength
  • Chemical and heat aging

4. Delivery forms of GX HTV Silicone Rubber

GX-Silicon HTV solid silicone rubber is shipped by 3 layers standard package:

  1. Wrapped with blue PE film inside cardboard boxes
  2. Carton box — 20kg/carton
  3. Supplied as standard in slabs measuring 90×100 mm (cross-section)
  4. 50 cartons for a pallet

For special requirements, we can customize according to your requirements.


The questions you should know about cooparation

A: We’ll provide Free samples, and client pay the freight cost.

A: Depends on the quantity, weight etc. We’ll check the best cost by DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS Or you can use freight collect.

A: Sure, we can make customized silicone rubber according to your specific requirements.

A: Providing the application field and detailed requirements.

A: It depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. Usually we can ship within 3-7 working days after order confirmed.

A: We have ROHS, REACH, FDA, LFGB etc.

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