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Professional and experienced suppliers of silicone rubber raw materials from China


An excellent R&D team, who is committed to research and  developing different kinds of silicone rubber to meet various needs of our clients; A rigorous manufacturer, who only produces high-quality HTV solid silicone rubber and LSR liquid silicone rubber to customers.

keep innovation, keep improvement

Established in 2007, Shenzhen GX Silicone Co.Ltd which with a 20,000m² factory in Dongguan, is a professional manufacturer of LSR(liquid silicone rubber) and HTV(High temperature vulcanized) solid silicone rubber products.

Our silicone materials are widely used in such fields as electronic products, medical instruments, baby products, kitchenware, automobiles, mechanical engineering etc.

With our superior quality raw materials, 100+ skilled technicians, sound quality control system, and advanced production techniques, ensure all of our over eighty silicone products are of unsurpassed quality.

By now, our silicone rubber material is popular with consumers and manufacturers in Asia, America and Europe. Certified by the ISO9001, FDA, REACH, LGFB and more certificates, our goal is to expand our products into the worldwide market.

our principle

Top Technique

Our Chemists and engineers with practical experience in the silicone rubber industry run our well-equipped laboratory.

Top Quality

Our Silicone product line is standardized to the same high-quality properties and specifications around the world.

Top Service

The timely and professional solutions to
your questions, we provide free sample and technical guidance for silicone refining.

we research

R & D

As a professional silicone rubber manufacturer,
GX-Silicon has hundreds of products with complete products, best service, and immediate response.
silicone rubber material factory laboratory

Our laboratory has developed HTV silicone rubber including food grade silicone, fumed silicone products, high-strength products, additional vulcanized products, heat-resistant and antistatic products. LSR silicone rubber includes baby products, swimming supplies, kitchen utensils, keyboard products, coating and molding products and so on.

In addition, we can design special products according to the needs of different customers.

GX-Silicone has a technical R&D team with more than 6 core experts. We conducts product research and development according to market demand and customer requirements, from market research, product development and process control, to practical application optimization.

Our Factory & Laboratory

we refine

Our Testing

“refine on quality, keep innovation, keep improvement"

We handle every customer’s specific requirements using innovative R&D and state-of-the-art test centers. Clients can also take advantage of a solid technical support team to achieve more projects.

We are fully capable of conducting the following tests and measures: Hardness, Resilience performance, Vulcanization performance, Temperature tolerance, Plasticity performance, Compression set, Tensile and tear strength, Chemical and heat aging, Material composition, Material properties at temperatures from -70 °C to 300 °C, etc.

We strictly carry out a variety of speciality tests to ensure to meet quality assurance to your specifications.

  • Heat Curing
  • Post curing
  • Tensile strength testing
  • Tear strength testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Plasticity testing
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