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HTV solid silicone rubber
HTV Solid Silicone Rubber
LSR liquid silicone rubber
LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber


GX silicone rubber can be widely used in a variety of industrial and daily scenarios.

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about GX-Silicone

The fundamental principle of our business revolves around “keeping innovation, keeping improvement.” As a professional manufacturer, GX always provides the best quality of HCR, HTV, LSR fumed or precipitated type of silicone rubber materials to the world. 

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Committed to quality, GX always provide unique silicone rubber material; Keeping innovation and improvement, we’ll handle every customer’s specific requirements using innovative R&D and state-of-the-art test centers.

Top row material

We use imported world-class silicone raw materials to satisfy the various of special characteristics requirements.

High quality product

Strictly control all the production process to ensure the purity and high quality of GX silicone rubber.

Professional R&D

Our experienced R&D experts can research different silicon gel to meet clients' OEM requirements.

Complete certificates

We provide perfect certification to meet the requirements of customers in different markets.


While pursuing quality, we offer competitive prices to help customers get higher profits.

Short lead-time

We strictly control the delivery period, test samples is 2-3 days and 7 days for mass production.

What we can do for you?

GX-silicon not only provides high quality silicone rubber, also provides helpful service to support our clients capture the market more forcefully.

Free sample testing

We can provide free sample of customized product for testing.

Technical Support

Our technical experts can guide the silicone rubber refining.

Shipment Service

Long-term forwarder will try the best to ensure timely shipment.

Immediate Response

We provide the most timely and professional answers to clients' enquiry and questions.

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